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    Book printing for pictorial design processes in what stage is it?

    CIpotZIZ / Date : October 5th
    The rear view mirror is divided into an installation position, and the rear view mirror is provided with an outer rear view mirror, a lower rear view mirror and an inner rear view mirror. To use division, the rearview mirror reflects the car lateral, under the mirror reflects the car before the bottom, in the rear of the car after reflecting mirror and car. Use is not the same, mirror structure will be different. General rearview mirror mainly has two kinds, one is the plane mirror, "mirror is flat, with the term" surface curvature radius R infinity ", which is the same as the general household mirror, can get the same visual image of the plane mirror used as the rearview mirror. The other is a convex mirror with spherical curvature radius, with different size, its image than visual, but the vision is wide, like the camera "wide-angle lens", the mirror used to do the rearview mirror and rearview mirror. Passenger cars and other light passenger vehicles are generally fitted with exterior and interior mirrors, large commercial vehicles (large passenger cars and large trucks) general assembly outside the rear mirror, under the mirror and the inner rear view mirror.

    Adjusting the central rear view mirror
    The left edge of the left and the right to adjust the position of the mirror is cut to yourself in the mirror image of the right ear, it said, in the general driving situations, is to see her from the rearview mirror, and on the lower position, the distant horizon can be placed in the central mirror. The central rearview mirror adjustment methods: the horizontal pendulum, the left middle ear. Central rearview mirror in the midline position far horizontal line placed transversely, and then move around, the left edge of his right ear image was placed in the mirror.
    Adjust the left rear view mirror
    To handle the upper and lower position when the distant horizon in the central, left and right position is adjusted to the body to occupy a range of 1/4.
    The left mirror adjustment method: the horizontal line in the center line of the mirror, and then transferred to the edge of the body to occupy a mirror image of the 1/4. Adjust the right rear view mirror
    Because the driver's seat is located on the left side, so the driver of the car on the right side of the master is not so easy, and sometimes the roadside parking needs, on the right side of the rearview mirror in adjustment, position of ground area should be larger, about mirror 2/3. As for the left and right position, the same adjustment to the body of the 1/4 mirror area can be.
    The right side mirror adjustment method: the horizontal line in the 2/3 position of the mirror, and then transferred to the edge of the body to occupy a mirror image of the 1/4.